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  • Tel Aviv-Yafo, 25 Zeitlin St.
  • 03-6960650
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  • Sunday/Wednesday 7:30-15:00
  • Monday/Tuesday/Thursday 7:30-18:00
  • Friday 7:30-11:00

Parking for the dental clinic:

Zeitlin St has blue/white paid parking on both sides of the street. One can pay for the parking with one of two phone apps- Pango or Cellopark.
Please note that one can park on the left side of street up till 17:00 after which time,that side of the street is for local residents only.

One can also park in a number of underground parking garages near the office:

  • Migdal Hamuseum - is located immediately at the end of Zeitlin as one turns right. The entrance to the parking lot is a ramp located on one’s left.
  • Tel Aviv Musem/Courthouse- is also located at the end of Zeitlin. One needs to turn right and travel straight to the stop sign where one turns left and immediately right to enter the lot.
  • Golda Parking- turn right at the end of Zeitlin and right again at the stop sign. The entrance to the lot is approximately 300 meters down the road on the right side. Please note that one can easily reach the office by foot by cutting through the park located behind the parking lot.